pro-russian separatists in eastern ukraine, April 15, 2014

Baffled by Belfast — Failed Architecture

Baker standing in front of the ‘American Bakery’ which displays signs in Armenian, Ladino (in Hebrew characters), English, Ottoman Turkish, Greek and Russian with samples of bread attached for the needy, Ortaköy, Istanbul, Turkey in 1922, part of the international aid for the occupied city.

Kazys Daugėla

Richmond, VA (1964) © Charles Rosson

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Design for a Philharmonic Symphony Hall, New York City
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Алпинист / Alpinist 321 (Z.Vaníček ČR, D.Štěpánek ČR).

Soviet soldiers counter-attack from a Stalingrad factory on the outskirts of the city. The winter campaign of late 1942-early 1943 proved decisive in pushing German forces from the city and eventually ended the battle and the retreat of the Werhmacht back into Germany.